Tag: Companion


  • Captain Corgnelious Pembroke

    Leader of the Westfield Garrison, Captain Corgnelious Pembroke is a loyal defender of the people... He is also a Corgi that stands upright. Always speaking with "proper" dictation, he is good-hearted and instantly likes you if you're a good person. …

  • Orin

    Orin seems to like jokes but can also take a serious tone at any moment unexpectedly. Wants to help but suggests the nearby town might be of more use. Won't leave the body of Kali. Confirms to the player who Kali was and hints at other like her.

  • Goldie Hahn

    Originally being transported as cargo, this little guy escaped from his cage and was chased up a tree by a boar. After being saved by Ara he was grown quite fond of her.